At Archifire, we want to make our fire the heart of your home! Our 30 years of combined experience in the fire industry, has driven us to partner with companies and products that are market leaders for quality, design and innovation.

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Our vision is to have long lasting relationships with our clients, providing service and product excellence, and so we have partnered with Kalfire, Europe’s leading brand and renowned as market leaders in design, technology and innovation.

Give Archifire a call to discuss options for your home or next project, our team of experts will happily advise on a fire for your home.

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Ohen BBQ and Fireplace

With the Ohen, we wanted to create a BBQ which is functional for the best outdoor chefs, yet stylish for the modern home.

We considered the fit, feel, finish in depth. From size of firebox, to the height it sits from the ground. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, so that you can enjoy the cooking experience.

The fully stainless steel composition ensures a robust quality and is hand made in Europe specifically for Archifire.

Once you have cooked up a storm on the Ohen, sit back and enjoy the flames in this impressive BBQ.


The body of Vulcanus® grills is made of special high-quality COR-TEN steel with a weathered look in ruby colour. Due to its capacity to withstand wet and salty environments, COR-TEN was originally used for shipbuilding.

Do not worry about leaving your grill outside in the rain, freezing cold, or snow. It is natural, environmentally-friendly, and will always look like new.

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